Ranger Joe’s latest post from Uganda

Hi again everyone! I’ve had a couple of days of recovery on Mweya, but from the porch of Hippo House and on the walks to Tembo I’ve still enjoyed some wonderful wildlife, including elephants. The rangers kindly took me on a short bush walk as well which was fascinating.

Today I have been at UWA headquarters meeting with the two wardens in charge of law enforcement and community work. It’s been really interesting to hear from them about the conservation work they are doing in Queen Elizabeth National Park. I’ve been very lucky as over the next two weeks I will be working with them, visiting schools and other parks to learn more about the very important work they are doing and seeing what it means to be rangers in Uganda. I’m very excited!


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Ranger Joe’s fourth post from Uganda

Hello again everyone I’ve had a wonderful day at Queen Elizabeth National Park today seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I’m now sat on the porch of Hippo House enjoying the last of the day’s sun as it sinks below the horizon. There are mouse birds, fire finches, sun birds, and weaver birds to name but a few busy catching some final insects and singing out the end of the day.

Today I was very lucky to join two rangers as they delivered a boat ride to tourists, I learnt a lot from them about the animals and  about the wonderful landscape, I also got some great pictures which I can’t wait to show you all! The rangers are very experienced at guiding and it was great to watch them as they did their thing, can’t wait for tomorrow! From Joe the ranger


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Joe’s third post from Uganda

I am now finally back in my favourite place: Queen Elizabeth National Park! I have had a very long day of travelling setting off from Jinja at 7am and arriving at Queen at 6 55pm! Nearly twelve hours on the road, but what a beautiful journey it was. Rolling hills, tea, coffee and banana plantations, bright blue skies and smiling faces all the way. As we got closer to queen the rolling hills became towering mountains as we came very close to the Congo. When we arrived at queen I met up with Yowasi to give him the money raised by Liss for the solar panels at his school, he says a massive thank you to everyone! And as we drove deep into the park, towards the wonderful hippo house on the Mweyan peninsula I was really lucky to see elephant, hippo, buffalo, warthog and lots of different birds (including my favourite the bright yellow weaver bird!) all in about 40 minutes of driving! I’ll keep you all posted of my adventures around queen working with the Rangers and hopefully seeing lots of exciting things!

The view at Mweya yesterday

The view at Mweya yesterday

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Ranger Joe’s second day in Uganda

Joe has sent the following message from Uganda:

Hi everyone! Just another short blog to let you guys know what I’m up to over here I Uganda, I had a great day today white water rafting along the Nile! The Rapids where amazing fun and I fell in a lot (which was sometimes a bit scary!) I saw some lovely birds along my travel down the Nile including cormorants and kingfishers. It’s was really beautiful and very exciting! I can’t wait to get down to queen, I’ll be leaving early tomorrow from Jinja to get there.

Joe has been staying with Raymond Engena, who wrote this:

The word “Culture” triggers different sentiments in different people.
To some, who want to run away, it is backwardness. Others take pride in it to show dominance and superiority of one culture over another. To me, culture is a very good mechanism for passing knowledge from one generation to another.

Take the Lango culture of ” maki welo Gweno”. (Giving a live chicken (not a roaster) to a visitor). A very simple expression of love and welcome. But more importantly a mechanism to keep each others memory alive, especially in those days when mobile telephone technology was still considered an impossibility.

It did not matter whether the visitor left the chicken behind or took it with them. The chicken remained a bond between them. It will lay eggs and hatch chicks. There will be talk of so and so’s chicken is laying eggs or has hatched so well. The visitor is therefore not forgotten.

So, Joe was wondering what to do with the chicken. Well, we will look after it. It will give us eggs and more chicks. But it will always be Joe’s chicken.

In short Joe will be remembered long after he has gone to learn how to be a good ex-citizen of the European Union.

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Ranger Joe’s first blog from his Uganda visit

Hi everyone, I’ve not long landed in Entebbe and am back in the wonderful Uganda! I’ve met up with our friend Ronnie who is driving me to the different places that I’m going to visit, I’m really excited to see Queen Elizabeth National Park again! I’m now sat at the zoo and am tucking in to my first tilapia and chips of my trip, it’s delicious! My view is of Lake Victoria the third largest lake in the world! Tomorrow I’ll be off to visit the projects good friend Raymond Engena in a place called Jinja, the source of the river Nile!

A big thumbs up from Joe on his arrival in Uganda.

A big thumbs up from Joe on his arrival in Uganda.

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PE at Mahyoro

Ronnie has sent the children of West Meon Primary this photo.

Athletics at Mahyoro

Athletics at Mahyoro

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A message from Mahyoro

We will open the new term on 22/01/2016. I will post photographs for what so ever shall be happening in school. MAHYORO p/s.


Kasamba Ronnie

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Update from Mahyoro

Greetings to everyone at West Meon. P7 primary leaving examinations are out this month through a press release from Uganda National Examinations Board. We  are still on holidays. We shall begin first term 2016 on 22/2/2016 after Presidential elections. We shall share more we hope. Nice time.

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A reply from Mahyoro Primary School

We are three pupils from Mahyoro primary school. We are grateful to here to hear from you and we are ready to answer your questions. Our names are Pauson, Auleria, Suzan. We like watching movies of cartoons, playing netball,hide & seek games, rope skipping, running, riddling & story telling. Our school is located in western Uganda, KAMWENGE district, Kitagwenda county, Mahyoro sub county, Nyakasura parish, Lyengoma village. We have grass,trees ,flowers, houses & roads too. We enjoyed reading your letters too. We love all pupils of West Meon.

Our official language is English. It’s recently when we got promoted to P3 class. we are 45 pupils in class. Our favourite colours are; yellow,pink,grey & white. Our favourite subjects are; English, social studies, mathematics, science & English. Our favorite food is rice, meat, bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes & fish.

At school we come with our packed lunch each of us.We have religious beliefs of Catholic, Church of Uganda Anglican, Islamic, seventh day Adventist. We wish you the best as we go for third term holidays.

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A message to Uganda

Dear Ugandan friends,

We are 3 pupils from West Meon School. Our names are Lorien, Phoebe and Emelia and we’re in Year 6 {top of the school}. We like playing netball and singing in the school choir, watching movies and chatting with our friends. West Meon School is in West Meon, obviously! It is a lovely village and every one is polite and kind to us. What is it like for you to walk to school? What views do you have? We have grass, trees, flowers, houses and roads. We enjoyed reading your letters and would love to know more about you all. If it’s OK, we would like to ask some questions.

Firstly, we would like to know what your official language is. Ours is English, as you will probably know. There are 63 pupils going up the school from Year R to Year 6. How about you, how many are there in your school? We enjoy reading lots of books and are interested to know if you do as well.

What are your favourite colours? Ours are purple, blue, yellow, green and turquoise. Our favourite subjects are music, drama, art, maths and English. Our favourite foods are spaghetti Bolognese, roast beef, curry, chilli and burritos. What foods do you like? At lunch time, we have either a lunch box provided by ourselves or a school dinner given to us for £2 from East Meon School, which is the village next door to us. We have 2 choices for our school dinners, for example, on Monday we could get pork sausages or quorn pasta, on Tuesday we could get roast chicken or vegetable bean bake, on Wednesday we could get chicken curry or pizza, vegetarian toad in the hole or roast beef for Thursday and we get fish every Friday and macaroni cheese. We have three weeks of different choices but lets not go into too much detail!

In Class 3, we have the best teacher ever, Mrs Burgess. She is always kind and caring to all of us and we all love her as our teacher. We all enjoy the school very much. Our topic around the school is the Christian values. What religion do you follow? In class 3, we  are learning about the UK and Anglo-Saxons settling here. We are learning about the towns and countries and cities and every thing like that!

We hope you can answer our questions and reply soon.

From Emelia, Phoebe and Lorien 🙂

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