Twinning Project Meeting

Welcome to the West Meon & Mahyoro blog. We are very pleased to have set up this link between our two fabulous schools. To celebrate the moment we took a photo of the teachers present at a Twinning Project meeting tonight.

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2 Responses to Twinning Project Meeting

  1. kasamba RONNIE says:

    We thank Mr Adam from UK who managed to visit our school, Mahyoro Primary School. We are privileged to have kept remembering Mahyoro Primary School in Uganda. We thank the promoters of the twinning project. We are ready to keep in touch with you now days in terms of Communication though we lack communication gadgets. Thanks to all of you.

  2. Kasamba Ronnie says:

    we at Mahyoro primary school we are now planting beans near the p.1 class blocks . we of recent received a mass immunisation against worms. Right from p.1 up to p.7. The exercise was sponsored by the ministry of health. p.7 candidates are now revising seriously to sit for primary leaving examinations in three weeks

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